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Lockdown Banding

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

EDIT: 15/4/20

The Video was posted to Youtube last week and has been brilliantly well received, thanks to all who took part and work starts now on the next video...!


I promise not to use the phrase "unprecedented times"!

How has quarantine been treating you? I miss my band that's for sure!

It might be a challenge to get the motivation and enthusiasm to practice, but what better time could there be for it... And to give us something to practice for, allow me to introduce Cold Ash Virtual Brass!

Very much in experimental phase at the moment, but when this first video is ready to go I'll post it here and on Facebook and Twitter.

We've also had our first "Zoom" hangout, and it was great to see so many people embracing modern tech to at least keep the social side of the band going. We're hoping to hold these every Thursday in place of a normal practice so we hope to see you then!

See you soon with an update...

- Matt



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