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Matt Then and Now

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How and when did you start playing?
I first picked up a cornet when I was about 6, and a violin a year or two after that but it wasn't until I got hold of Dad's old euphonium when I was 10 that I was hooked.

How many bands have you played with?
Loads! Too many to mention! Cold Ash has always been my "home" band, but the highlights would be Wantage Band, Blake's Heaven Big Band, Didcot Concert Orchestra and Bucks Symphonic Wind Ensemble. 

What is your favourite piece for brass band? 
I absolutely love Eric Ball's Kingdom Triumphant, but if it's by Philip Sparke or Peter Graham I'll probably enjoy it!

What would your autobiography be called?  
Sorry I Can't... I Have Band.

What superpower would you like to have and why?
I love the Captain America movies, so give me a dose of that Super-Soldier Serum.

If you won a million pounds on the lottery what would your very first thought be?
Finally, I can afford that new Tuba!

If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Where in the world would you still like to visit?
There is an awful lot of the US that I've not been to, a road trip down the East Coast is next on the wish list.


What is your favourite film or TV series?
Game of Thrones 

What are your favourite things to do/hobbies? 
Aside from playing, I enjoy reading and gaming.

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