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Memories of Christmas 2022

There's nothing better than hearing a brass band play carols at Christmas time, and for the first time in 3 years we set out to spread some cheer! It was so exciting to serenade the shoppers at Newbury Waitrose, Highclere and around our home village and adopted town. To see the smile and joy on the faces of the public was priceless, none the less the general public were very kind in donating to our charity.

An exciting first for the band was to perform at Highclere castle which is famous for Downton Abbey. Although we felt a little out of the way being stuck outside in what seemed like -8 (it was the coldest week in the uk) it still gave us that magic feel and got things off to a flying start for us!

Another first was to set up camp at Newbury Waitrose for a couple of weekends leading up to Christmas. The first slot was a great staring point and it was fantastic to entertain the shoppers. Each time we were there, players reported back to our band chat and we got a bit of a competition going amongst the band!

And finally what we had all been waiting for was to perform at our Christmas concert.

A full 3 years since we were last able to put this concert on! So Thursday 22nd December soon came along and we had some firecrackers of music ready to perform. From taking the train on the polar express, to a fantastic solo from Mark of John Rutter's Candlelight Carol and What’s this? from The Nightmare Before Christmas brought the first half to a close.

The second half was more laid back with the band out of their uniform and in their festive attire. The audience joined in with the carols and the Mayor of Thatcham gave a word of thanks at the end.

All in all it was a super festive season for Cold Ash Brass and a well deserved break was needed... Roll on January!




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