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It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Christmas? Oh yes, decorations are starting to pop up, John Lewis' animated dog is pulling at heartstrings, and brass band rehearsal halls are ringing out to the sound of sleigh bells (attached to drum pedals!) The question everyone is asking though, is where can we see Cold Ash Brass this christmas?

2nd December, 6pm: Thatcham Christmas Lights switch on in the Broadway, Thatcham 3rd December, afternoon: Speenhamland School Christmas Fayre (Community Band) 10th December, 6pm: RSMS Christmas Ball, Hermitage Barracks (Private event) 11th December, 1pm: Parkway Shopping Centre, Newbury 16th December, evening: Cold Ash Mummers visiting The Fox, The White Horse and The Bunk 18th December, evening: Carols at the Castle Pub, Cold Ash 22nd December, 7pm: Cold Ash Brass Christmas Concert, St Marks Church, Cold Ash 23rd December, evening: Cold Ash Mummers visiting The Sun In The Wood, The Spotted Dog and The Castle

Merry Christmas from all of us at Cold Ash Brass - Matt



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