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My moment of radio fame

When Matt approached me about doing a radio interview with Radio Berkshire about our Thatcham Arts Festival Concert my immediate answer was “yes, of course!”. It was duly booked in my diary and I was fully expecting to visit the radio studio. But alas, no. The interview could take place from the comfort of my desk at work over the phone, making it even more convenient and easy to slot into my busy schedule.

I received a quick preparation call about the logistics and what to expect a few days in advance and then the day arrived, the phone call came in and I was on. Well, the good news is that the interview wasn’t live – thankfully. It took only 2 takes and was a great deal more challenging that I was expecting. Although I had written a few notes, its incredible how your mind can go blank when put on the spot.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience but conclude that I’m not destined for a change of career into radio just yet!!

- Katherine



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